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Hey guys 👋

Ultimate-trashtalker wrote:

I am getting really tired of these posts. Bring fresh content bro we ain't here talking nonsense about the same thing again and again

well, you gotta choose 1

  • troll post
  • opening post
  • post about flexing an old chessboard
  • beginner whining for help
  • boring support forum
  • some ¨fun social experiment¨ forum where they ask you a question and everyone answers

the current popular forums all fall under what i was talking about


"post about flexing an old chessboard"???

you seriously arent comparing shortest proof games to "flexing about an old chessboard", are you

if not what are you comparing it to from your list


sicilian vs caro is stupid imo

french vs caro atleast makes sense visually


ill make a forum on that


puffer: *starts coding like a 10x developer and finishes developing the free speech forums in 10 minutes*

its a thread... please...


bro just reminded me of the 2000+ comment forum called ¨socialism on¨

those were the good old days...


its a thread

please, heres the definition of "forum"

 meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged

and this meaning applies to the forums as a whole, with the "issue" being anything chess related

this single thread isnt about all of chess, its about... well nothing at all!