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Should we create a group? Fans of Modern Defence

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    Hi, I am playing the Modern defence versus 1.e4 and I am happy with that. But, as with any opening, there are tricky systems, and my repotear isn't exactly written in stone.

    I wonder if there is an interest in collaborating on producing a repotear, based upon Tiger's and Davies' approach: 4...a6

    I must say, I find Tiger's book a bit difficult, and I don't like all of it. Davies' choices are more to my taste, but I am not sure he covers enough much.

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    :) Best reply ever

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    If you are interested in learning about the Modern Defence in a good deal of depth then you should join the group, 'g6 Modern Defence'. It is really outstanding and I have learned a lot from the group forums and Vote Chess games where we always play the Modern.

    You seem to have good knowledge and could contribute quite a lot to the group. If you want to join then you could either search or there is a link on my profile I think.

    Hope I helped

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    Thanks! I will check it out


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