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Sicilian defense videos

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    Something who know a chess channel on youtube, who make videos on the sicilian defense. I dont't mean one video that just pressent the oppening, i mean a guy who go deap into the oppening system, and variations. I have tried chess.com, but cut not find any deap video on the sicilian.

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    Look for kingscrusher. I thought he had a good explanation about all the main lines (najdorf, scheveningen, classical, dragon)

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    Here is the link to it:



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    kingscrusher may be ok but he talks in such aboring way, i mean maybe his knowledge is ok but oh god he talks so much.

    ofc im not perfect and its just a matter of personal taste, but if i had to choose the most boring chess comentator  i would go for kingscrusher.

    i mean ofc not everyone can be as funny as finegold, wich i really find awesome or as interesting as alterman, but a bit better job i think its not hard to do.

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    Tartarus_BW wrote:

    Here is the link to it:

    Thank you very much!!!



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    GM Shankland will be dissapointed that you didn't consider his 9 video series on the Najdorf "deep".

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    ps i correct myself i dont want to say kingscrusher is bad or anything, his video about the nezmetdinov queen sac was very good everyone got to see it. I dont know about his analysis maybe its perfect, but maybe its his voice, maybe he talks to slow or a tiny bit too much at the beginning but  honestly most of the time im getting really sleepy.  Also in the one analysis about a fischer game, showing a very unharmonious computer line was also not the most interesting thing on the earth.


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