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Smith-Morra, Siberian Trap Question

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    unfortunately though, the original poster asked about this specific move order (which might or might not turn into a siberian), and in it the idea of ..Nxe4 ..d5 is very real. you shouldn't play chess hoping for some obviously suboptimal moves, right?

    whether white has enough compensation... Esserman doubts it, and i doubt it too, based in my own experiences.

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    Have to respectively diagree with both of you on White's compensation--Black's King still in the center and Rd1 and Nd4 are coming real soon, I guess it's subjective--Black has more chance to screw up, White's play seems easier and more straightforward--my opinion.  Thanks for your input.

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    Maybe I'm not up to date on the theory but I was under the impression the Siberian Trap move order was fine for White: 


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