Solid simple black reply to d4


As I try to focus more on endgames and basic stuff at the moment (1700 Ell otb) I have toned down my openings and want to have just simple playable positions after ten moves or so and take it from there. Scotch four knights and with black Scandinavian qd8 fit that bill. Against d4 the Lasker defense gives me some trouble however and I wonder if there are alternatives that are also solid and simple. Been thinking about the Cambridge springs, orthodox (a6 Swiss?) defense, Slav. Any opinions on what might work? Old Indian or rat with early queen exchange? No Albin or Tarrasch at the moment, although they are no doubt easier to win at club level.. 


You might give the Tartakower variation of the QGD a try.  It's solid but interesting.


the lines with be7 are simpler than others. the cambridge you only want to use in conjunction with the semi slav as otherwise you don't want to be playing c6 too early in a qgd that's not a slav. there is the nbd7 line, going for the tartakover, but avoiding the bxf6 lines where you have to take with the bishop, and also having something against the bf4 qgd. either on move 4 or 5, you play nbd7.


How do u face troubles with Lasker defence?


Maybe Slav Defense is what you're looking for, it has pawn structure like Caro- cann and very harmonious development. 

I agree with post # 2 suggesting the QGD against 1. d4. I think you should try the Orthodox QGD. It is solid, reliable, no need to learn any move order trickery (I hate move order tricks btw) and it can be used against flank openings as well by adopting that set up. I’ve tried the Slav (super solid and my back up defence) but I always come back to the QGD. You may want to check out “The Queens Gambit Declined: move by move” byNigel Davies. I also have tried the Rat defence but you better have something good if White plays 1. d4 d6 2 e4. You may want to check the book “The Lasker Method to Improve in Chess”

Two more cents...  the Semi-Slav is pretty solid, too.


If you wanted simple... Cambridge springs would not be for you...

Quasimorphy wrote:

You might give the Tartakower variation of the QGD a try.  It's solid but interesting.