The 4 move checkmate


If playing black, do you find if your opponent opens with the 4-move mate offensive?  It kind of annoys me.  I've been playing chess a long time, and they think I've never come across it?  I was wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

A typical 4-move game...


If you see it, be happy, they are going to loose.Tongue out


I find it very offensive for someone to try this opening.  It basically connotes that they do not respect your chess-playing abilities at all.  However, if they want to lose by playing bad openings, they can.

CHCL wrote:

If you see it, be happy, they are going to loose.



no as a chess player they can play whatever opening they want its up to them its not against the rules and it is just dumb on their part and i have always loved being under estimated being the underdog is awesome