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The Sicilian as played by Non-Masters

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    Now when you say that they  are not appropriate, in what context do you mean.

    Are you saying it's too dificult(in terms of practicality) for a non-master to properly develop their opening skills by focusing on this or do you mean that there are simply too many things to be taken into consideration, that non-masters are aware of(quiet moves).

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    I was just amused that when I played him, and I was Black, he played a really really really harmless line as White (he was aiming to try a Maroczy bind ) in which Black had very good chances to win.

    I am not making fun nor do I want to disrespect him;  I was just very surprised that the OP would not play a more engaging line, more ambitious line in order to create problems or seek good chances to win as White or secure an advantage.

    It was after our game, according to what he said, that he changed his line vs Black.


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