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The Ultimate Hurt/Heal Opening Vote Off!

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    You know how this works. Every hour each member is allowed to vote for their favourite opening. They may also vote against an opening. Healing adds 5 lives and Hurting takes away 5 lives. Each opening starts with 50 lives. Once its lives reach 0, the opening is voted off and cannot be added again. Example: Hurt King's Indian Defence, Heal The Ruy Lopez. You may also post 'Add Opening'. Example: Add Opening: Sicilian Defence. Only main openings are voted for, not variations. If you vote more than twice in one hour, the result will be the opposite to what you want. Have fun!

    Nimzo-Indian Defence: GRAND WINNER

    I will edit this post and keep it efficiently up to date, so to keep track of the results so far, just check the above.Smile

    Voted Off: Owen's Defence, Tarrasch Defence, Marshall Defence, London System, Pirc's Defence, Scotch Game, Sicilian Defence, Benoni Defence, Scandinavian/Centre-Counter, Colle System, Alekhine's Defence, Philidor's Defence, Polish, Danish Gambit, King's Indian Attack, Bird's Opening, Modern Defence, Benko Gambit, Reti, Ponziani, Caro-Kann, Italian Game/Giouco Piano, King's Indian Defence, Queen's Indian Defence, Slav Defence, Vienna Gambit, French Defence, Petrov's Defence, Grunfeld Defence, Catalan, English, Evan's Gambit, King's Gambit.

    Recent Rules Updates (N.B): Nimzo-Indian Defence is the Grand Winner. Voting is over and closed.

  • #2

    Heal Catalan.Add Owen's Defence.Hurt Owen's Defence.

  • #3

    Hurt King's Indian Defence. Heal Catalan.

  • #4

    Heal King's Indian.Hurt Owen's Defence

  • #5

    Hurt KID. Heal Catalan.

  • #6

    Hurt: French Defense


    btw Queens gambit is alittle broad dont you think?

  • #7

    @Timmy62 I agree

  • #8

    Heal KID,Hurt Owen's Defence

  • #9

    Heal: English

    Hurt: KID

  • #10

    Heal:english Hurt: Catalan

  • #11

    HEAL: KID HURT: french defense

  • #12

    Heal French.Hurt London System

  • #13

    @nyLsel u can only vote once in an hour

  • #14

    Heal KID hurt Owen's Defence

  • #15
    Timmy62 wrote:


    btw Queens gambit is alittle broad dont you think?

    I'll sort that out.

  • #16

    Heal Catalan. Hurt KID.

    By the way, nyLsel, 1 vote per hour. Your second vote was not counted. Sorry.Smile

  • #17

    heal french hurt sicilian

  • #18

    Heal sicillian Hurt Owen's Defence

  • #19

    Please, stop hurting the Owen's defence!Cry

  • #20
    Rookrager wrote:

    Please hurt the Owen's defence, everyone!Laughing

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