Top three most effective opening traps?


White wins a rook.


The Make Em' Rage Trap: Hyper Accelerated Dragon! Got this against a 2000, also!



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Alapin Opening - 6 Traps
Alekhine Defense - 20 Traps
Hungarian Opening - 2 Traps
Beyer Gambit - 1 Traps
Bird Opening - 20 Traps
Mikenas-Van-Geet Defense - 2 Traps
Borgasman Opening - 9 Traps
Caro-Kann Defense - 20 Traps
Catalan Opening - 3 Traps
Dunst Opening - 9 Traps
Dutch Opening - 10 Traps
Bishop Opening - 15 Traps
Hortwiz Defense - 6 Traps
French Defense - 40 Traps
Grob Opening - 10 Traps
Grunfeld Defense - 20 Traps
İndian Defense(West) - 30 Traps
İndian Defense(East) - 23 Traps
Two Knights Defense - 33 Traps
English Opening - 32 Traps
Scandinavian Defense - 29 Traps
İtalian Opening - 38 Traps
Kotov-Robatsch Opening - 2 Traps
Larsen Opening - 6 Traps
Litvanian Opening - 10 Traps
Center Opening - 54 Traps
Nimzo-Hint Defense - 25 Traps
Nimzovich Defense - 11 Traps
Owen Defense - 8 Traps
Petroff Defense - 32 Traps
Philidor Defense -25 Traps
Pillsbury Defense Rat - 2 Traps
Pirc Defense - 10 Traps
Poland Opening - 10 Traps
Reti Opening - 30 Traps
Ruy Lopez Opening 1 - 39 Traps
Ruy Lopez Opening 2 - 39 Traps
Sicilian Defense 1 - 50 Traps
Sicilian Defense 2 - 50 Traps
Slav Defense - 30 Traps
St Georgeirminghamaker - 5 Traps
King's Knight - 6 Traps
King's Gambit - 40 Traps
King's İndian Defense - 41 Traps
King's English - 15 Traps
Three Knight Opening - 15 Traps
Queen Gambit - 40 Traps
Queen Gambit Accepted - 18 Traps
Queen Pawn Game - 40 Traps
Vienna Game - 20 Traps
Pirc Maroczy Opening - 10 Traps
Von Der Lasa Gambit - 2 Traps




How is that a trap as opposed to punishing a series of obvious blunders?


I mean it pretty much works whenever your opponent plays Nge7 in the Evans Gambit, which is actually a good move, but O-O is not... even after Nge7 though you still have a bunch of traps lol


I've used this trap on like ten people already lol, it literally happens about half the time I play it, and not a single person hasn't played O-O in response to Ng5 lol




Another one from the Caro-Kann:

Owen's Defense backfire:

Englund Gambit famous trap:


PolarPhoenix escribió:

Another one from the Caro-Kann:

Owen's Defense backfire:

Englund Gambit famous trap:


'Exactly what black gets for playing such rubbish.' hahahaha nice

comooooo schreef:

i tried the blackburn shilling gambit and its the worst trap ever no one falls for that anymore so thats that


I saw a decent club player fall for the Blackbourne Shilling the other day.

It made me look into it again. "Don't take the free pawn" is what I remembered, but actually, if you do, after Qg5, Bxf7+!? is not so bad for White.


That must be fun. First watch the glee with which your opponent plays Qg5, only for it to turn into shock after Bxf7. But it won't happen. I don't play the Italian, and hardly anyone plays the BSG and with good reason.

I saw a Youtube video a while ago, where a GM got positively angry at people playing the BSG. "You may win the odd game, but it will not make you a better chess player," was his position.