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trompowsky attack

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    Id agree 2..d5 is probably the best way to meet it, though i still think white has a slight advantage, not that it matters..after all if i were chasing an advantage I wouldn't play the trompowsky in the first place.

    2..e6 im not so convinced by, white has a few option including 3.e4, after which play can be somewhat unbalanced and 3.nf3 transposing into torre lines, which is what I do, to keep the possibility of a complicated game open (hoping for spassky gambit, wagner, or the likes) 

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    3.e4 after 2...e6 is a pleasure for Black- bishop pair, and a white center to work against.

    3.Nf3 is more prudent, although white can hardly expect something resembling an advantage after that. Black has comfortable play after 3...c5 or 3...h6 4.Bh4 c5, and he does not even have to worry about any white space advantage.

    2...d5 is good, but inflexible. White can play the standard Bxf6 plan followed by c4, Nc3, e3, g3, Bg2, Nge2, when he does not have any significant advantage, but at least Black does not have here handy the plan to expand at the queenside, which is normal in the analogous Veresov tabiyas.

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    @ Fear_Itself:   I originally played 6...e6, but failed to get any advantage after a few tries. The continuation went something like this.......

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