Two Knights, Fritz Variation


 So if it happens my opponent knows this there is no way to manage a good posistion?and i think in the posiistion above i have to play Be6 if i want my rook so then white exchange on e6..i love Nd4 but i want to find here a medicine..You play it only in blitz?


Nobody moves their Bishop back home to F1 at any time-control. The line is too obscure to study for white so you're safe unless you start winning too much at the club.


ok i will try it from time to time i also like the 5...b5 variation but i think this line loses again with Bf1..whatever i play and the main line 5...Na5


I think 10...Qe7+ is a better position for black. 


well if white plays the 2 N attack he/she should have Bf1 in mind in the uhlvestad/fritz