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What chess opening do you play most?

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    Fear_ItseIf wrote:
    -BEES- wrote:

    Blackmar Diemer Gambit


    So you most likely play the french or caro the most as white
    Its why I quit the BDG, seemed only every like 8 games after 1d4 d5 2.e4 i actually got the accepted.

    I'm quite fine with facing those. e4 players have to deal with those as well. And we all have to deal with defesive openings like the Modern or the Pirc; closed games cannot be avoided. Usually they take the gambit in blitz. Maybe 20% of the time I get a French and 10% a Caro-Kann. And occasionally they decline with something else.


    I actually find the tendancy for 50% of my opponents to play 3.Nc3 against the Scandinavian far more irritating. Yeah it throws away White's first move initiative. But it doesn't give me an advantage either. Really it just feels like a waste. I'd rather be practicing the critical lines but they force me to play through this garbage.

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    nimzovitch2013 wrote:

    I'm seriously considering from now on only playing the accelerated (2 Bf4) London as white, 3...Qd8 Scandinavian and 4...Qb6 Slav as black. A repertoire doesn't get any simplier than that. A bit passive but solid, similiar setups and low theory. If I decide it's a bit too routine for me I might instead only play 1 b3 (Nimzo-Larsen) and 1...d6 (Black Lion/Modern Philidor/Old Indian), which would have somewhat more imbalance going on. 

    1 d4 d6 2 c4 e5 isn't actually an Old Indian. It doesn't have a name. I call it an Old Indian because it's similiar in setup and I have to call it something. 

    I prefer a narrow repertoire, but I can't make up mind which ones to play, so I think for the rest of this year I'll use all the openings and defenses I listed and then see if I can determine. 

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    i dont know, is the nimzovich sound?? maybe i should give it a shot

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    Depends on mood. With white mostly: ruy lopez, sicilian alapin, giuoco piano, king's gambit, evan's gambit, english, blackmar diemar gambit, queen's gambit, ponziani or king's indian attack. 

    With black mostly: a few different variations of the sicilian najdorf , sicilian dragon, sicilian accelerated dragon, king's indian defense or caro-kann.

    Of course sometimes if the opponent's opening veers too far off the beaten path I'll transpose where called for or use a creative approach for an advantage in the middle game depending on what the position demands.

    There are some other openings I'll use from time to time but not as often as the ones I've mentioned and a couple of systems I can't reveal due to contractual obligation.

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    [accidental double post please delete]

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    I'm even considering trying The Sniper more, Henley's book on it sure makes it interesting. I played a game here with it and it went well against a 1950 player, my best win, but he blundered badly. I'd have to adjust my style a bit, but maybe that would be a good thing.  

    There may can be something said for playing a repertoire of the Dynamic English (the King's Bishop is developed on g2 before the Queen's Knight on c3) and the Sniper. A mirror image repertoire (after 3 moves), but the way the game develops as black and as white will often flow different from each other. 

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    sicilian sveshnikov, ruy lopez or nimzo indian for black, ruy lopez or queen pawn opening as white

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    Against 1.e4 either the Berlin Defence of the Ruy Lopez or the Poisoned Pawn Sicilian.  Against 1.d4 the Queen's Indian and sometimes a Leningrad Dutch.  Against the English or Reti I go for a Hedgehog setup.  No I don't go for the Gipslis Variation because it's busted. 

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    White 1. d4: Queen's Gambit against 1...d5, sometimes 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 against 1...Nf6 with transposing ideas

    As black: French defence, Horowitz defence (usually into QGD), Agincourt defence (usually into QGD)

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    ruy lopez, queen's gambit and the Italian game

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    I end up playing a lot of The Two Knights Defense for both sides.

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    Is that what you meant OP?

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    If it was the op would have corrected everyone ages ago. Everyone what you posted is fine, I'm sure the op didn't want it to be so technical that he just wanted the 1st move and the 1st move only.


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