What do you like to play with Black against e4?

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    Well, I've been playing the hippopotamus since more than 20 years,

    and I play it even against grandmasters. Against a 3-pawn center d4,e4,f4

    I usually play f5, the right order of moves is important to reach the

    following position: Kg8, Qd7, Rf8+a8, Bg7+b7, Ne7+b6, pawns h6,g6,f5,e6,d6,c7,b5,a6. Against a 3-pawn center c4,d4,e4 I usually

    play f5 (no b6, bishop remains on c8) or d5. Against a 4-pawn center

    I normally play f5, d5 or c5. I admit that the hippopotamus is a very

    difficult defence and I often lost in the beginning (cause I didn't know

    the strategies well enough).If many players think it's a bad opening it

    makes me happy cause it puts them under a big pressure to refute my

    "bad" opening. So each learning player should be patient: If you

    have arrived at understanding the essential strategies of this opening

    you have a very strong weapon.

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    Taimanov Sicilian.I play e4 too and the Taimanov annoys me the most.

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    Almost always play 1. ... e5.

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    If I'm feeling aggressive, I'll play the Sveshnikov, but usually just play the Caro-Kann.

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    sicilian sveshnikov

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    1...e5 and the Sch*pleghm*eveningen

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    Sicilian Najdorf.

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    Any of the Sicilians.  

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    No, Najdorf.

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    French here

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    Modern Defense, the most elastic opening with black. 

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