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What do you think will be the openings for the anand vs gelfand match?

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    Misogynist hobbits don't play the Benoni.

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    Those Hobbithouses (Hobbitat?) look so cozy. I want one.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Those Hobbithouses (Hobbitat?) look so cozy. I want one.

    come to NZ and you can have one. Wink

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    Don't do it -- he justs wants your preciousssssss.

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    They had sod houses on the prairie about 100+ years ago. But those were made of dirt & cows could fall through the roof.

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    Anand's subtle switches from offense to defense and vice versa

    are a marvel to behold. Gelfand is a purist - so I think we can

    expect a few serious but subtle theoretical contributions from Anand

    that will not be fully appreciated at the time they are played.


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