What is the best opening?


What do u think is the best opening for white and black?list ur results down here.


For white i think 1.e4! and for black against e4 i play c5 and against d4 i play 1.d5 that is what i think is the best openings for both colours.

        For white Go with the Ruy Lopez. Its so simple yet so strong.
dcsedtaxi wrote:         For white Go with the Ruy Lopez. Its so simple yet so strong.

  A solid choice, I think. I used the Exchange variation a lot during my high school chess days.

Against the Sicilian, I usually followed the Rossolimo way back when. I'm just getting back into chess against after a long absence, so I need to brush up on it. 

Another good one that I am exploring right now is the King's Indian Attack (used at various points by Smyslov, Petrosian, and the early-60s model of Bobby Fischer). I've looked at the d4 Colle System for a bit, but I find the KIA is one "system" approach with some real tactical teeth to it, particularly re kingside chances.

I'm trying to build a repertoire of sorts, so I think having a "universal" or "system" opening for White and Black to fall back on as part of that is a good choice whenever some opening rotation is needed. For Black, I'm checking out the Modern Defence as one possibility.


ok.these too are good.
its these two are good u mean. But there arent really the "best opening"

what a bunch of rubbish. Some openings are more sound than others, but it isn't like there are any openings that are absolutely the "best." More obscure openings offer advantage by taking opponents into unfamiliar ground. More sound openings come with books of theory in contrast. I suggest you look into the user "Torkil" 's articles on openings. They're a great overview of the diverse responses to 1. e4 1. d4 and 1. c4

Theoretically, since there are a finite number of possible positions in chess, there is a "best" opening, but until quantum computers are invented there is no possible way of telling what that opening is.

OBJECTIVELY, chess is a game which leads - with correct moves from both sides - to a draw. 

(This is of course not yet proven, but most GMs believe it. I think  computers will confirm such belief, with more and more precision, in future.)

Moreover, many openings which are out of fashion -  and considered as inferior - still should lead to a draw (and not loss of the game). Just because the range of drawish positions in chess is huge!!! For instance, you can be a pawn down, without any initiative for it, but it's still a draw.  (There are hundreds of examples in endgames ...)

From the objective point of view, many evaluations like "white has slight edge",

(or even "clear advantage", in some cases!) still can imply that the position is a draw...  

I personally find an evaluation in many opening books, like "unclear position" or "interesting is..." most embarrassing, and without much of a value.

So it's hard for me to say, which one is the strongest opening. Since your choice depends on your taste and your ability to handle  a particular position (even if it is seen by a few theoreticians as "inferior").

Therefore, I play several openings, both with black and with white, and my choice depends on the opponent and on my taste or my mood on that day.

Of course, if you need a full point with black, most of us prefer Sicilian , and play not Petrov, for instance...   

There are a few openings which I would never play, since I believe (I cannot prove ) that I loose, with correct play of my opponent.

An example is Albin's countergambit.


thanks for the info
Albin's Counter still sees play at the grandmaster level, it's playable.
depends what kind of player you are...  i tend to be very agressive so for black i play he sicilian dragon and for white i play 1.e4 if they play ...e5 i play the vienna if they play c5 i play ...Nc3 leading to a grand-prix attack
I dont believe there is a "best opening" as which openings are best for me may very well not be best for you, its an individual thing.
The best opening for White (as I used to play it) is the Queen's Pawn Opening (d4) which leads to many variations. For Black, it's d5 against d4 and c5 against e4.

So good openings!!
i need t refine my openings for black, they have been slow.. thanks for the input!
pvmike wrote: Albin's Counter still sees play at the grandmaster level, it's playable.

my analysis and experience tells me, it is incorrect. If a GM plays it, he takes his opponent by surprise, he KNOWs, that it\s bad.


p.s. lets play it, i promise you, you will not get a single draw! 


the best .. thats a hard question but if u want a safe game. d4 is the way to go. less loss. if u want a fighting game from the beginning then e4 is the way to go. e4 is riskier. for black. i recommend the accelerated dragon or the sicilian kan against e4. and against d4 i recommend the nimzo indian. bogo indian. (not the queen's indian b/c those should be for the grandmasters. u wont learn a lot from the queens indian as much as nimzo and bogo. or u can play king's indian. the thing is that there is no such thing as a perfect opening. but... my goal in the opening is to get a playable position. equal or a little better. learn the opening first. (masters tend to say not to but if u are a little strong) 1500+. u should study a little so that u can have a playable position. how can u improve if ur games are always bad after the opening. my goal is precision in the openings! then i will study the middle game. and endgame.



For black I would play The Sicilian after e4, Nf6 after d4 and e5 after c4!


For white I play e4,c4,d4, and Nf3. Nf3 is very preferred.