What is the strategy to adopt vs the Marockzy bind in the e6 Sicilian?

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    Especially in the Kan ... Just the key moves and the general strategy. I find these Sicilians solid and dynamic at the same time more than the French I think, but the Bind is deadly if White knows what is doing ... I would really appreciate a feedback thanks in advance Smile

    The starting positions are these:


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    I actually have a forum on this.  I recommend going into a hedgehog formation and later planning to bust through with d5 or b5.

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    Thanks I'm asking because there are videos abot this topic at chess.com but they're about d6 Sicilians (Accelerated Dragon etc...). Besides as far as I know the White mainline against the Kan is Nc3 not c4 so the bind is not considered so threatening .

    What I like about the kan is that it stops all white early tricks, but the bind had been a problem at least for me

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