What is your opening repertoire?


Am I the only one who hasn't gotten a complete opening repertoire? grin.png


I really play openings randomly. I can't say I haven't studied the main lines and the variations of my openings honestly; I've just watched some games of GMs I like (Bobby, Kasparov) and try to see what they do with certain openings. For example, I've learned some basic stuff about the Ruy Lopez thanks to Bobby Fischer's games, but I don't always do the Knight maneuvre which is part of it. I just start with the Ruy Lopez and then randomly go with something else I don't even know.


The only "opening" I've studied a little is the Queen Pawn Accepted and Declined, I've bought a book and saw some tipical black defenses against it. But I don't really use the variations I've read a lot anyway, at my level most of the players don't really know any opening so they'll just go with the basic opening principles like me.


I've had some troubles in my openings for quite some time, and I thought I should have studied them multiple times. But then I found out that what made me lose wasn't the openings but very basic tactics, which I'm now training 30 minutes a day. Just after 2-3 days of tactics I don't do the errors I'd do before, and my rating has going up recently (from 1100 here on to 1350 in 1 week, 15|10).


So I have to say that I'm quite happy. Now my goal is 1600 here on 15|10. I'll train tactics 1 hour a day, and when I reach that rating, I'll get to study some openings.


I have an opening repertoire for 10 minutes games. As White, Scotch, Petroff 3. d4, Carokann 3. Nc3, French 3. Nc3, etc. As black, Sicilian Classical and Gruenfeld.


I usually play C4 (English opening) or E4 (king's pawn opening). I only took an interest to chess over the last few months so I'm by no means good.   


With white I play stonewall. with black I have learnt a couple of defences but mostly just play off instinct. I can defend against Danish and the early queen, but other than that I just try to play from instinct.

For white i only know itslian Italian game and ponziani for black I I have no openings :(

1. Hungarian opening with 2. e3 3. ne2 (this is actually insane at my level)
2. Italian game 
3. vienna falkbeer, vienna gambit 

against e4 I play 
1. Caro kann
2. Two knights defence
3. or i play g6 with e6 ne7 bg7 on the way (opening i came up with)  (also actually insane at my level)

against d4.
queens indian, Englund gambit