whats the best way to counter traxler counter attack


So those games cannot realy count I think, but is 10 h3 not the best move in the second game? And a i blind or why did white not take on a7 in move 15 or is the rook to strong to let live?. Because i do not see the trick. 

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i dont know why black is word here than in the Nxf7 Bxf2 Kf1 lines! As you often get out there with at least a pawn more.


II cannot do something about you being too lazy to search the aforementioned material, as well as why 5.Nxf7 is rubbish.

ok in your correspondence games you postet in other threads i think black did make some misstakes

you aggainst Sundqvuist, Crister,

Black exchanges his pieces on moev 26 and 28 where it was not afforded (he is ignoring the rule of nit trading pieces if you are at a disavantage.) And i dont know why he gabe up in the end since i dont see an easy breakthrough in the endgame( i would suggest playing Rf8 to maneuveur him to an better place.


you aggainst Kahl, Fred  

the queenexchange was not forced so why did he play it?, The endgame was playable too. So why giving up?.

Both endgames are hopelessly lost.

In the Sundquist game, the guy resigned because he has no good moves to play. Your suggestion 38...Rf8 drops the first pawn with many to follow after 39.Bc7 Re8 40.Bd6 with the threat od Bd7 and either the c6, or the e5 pawn go south. I guess that Black may try 40...Rd8 for a hint of counterplay, but while taking the e5 pawn should win easily, 41.b4! is a pretty zugzwang.

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