Who plays Grunfeld and why is it awesome?

pfren wrote:
robbie_1969 έγραψε:

was watching some Attila Turzo game analysis on youtube and apparently there are not a few ways for white to avoid Grunfeld.



Highly irrelevant stuff. White has a couple of interesting ways to avoid the Grunfeld, but 3.g3 certainly isn't one of them. 


still the analysis was great, I like Mr. Turzos style of teaching


Bobby fischer playing gruennfeld and it is awesome

Firebullet wrote:

Svidler ! Awesome because it’s more double edged then other openings vs d4

He also said that while the Grunfeld is sound, it's a bad repertoire choice because it requires far too much revision to keep up on all the various lines White can throw at you. White only needs to prepare one line, while Black needs to be ready to face any of half a dozen good opening tries, each quite different from the other.


Do you think that what applies at Super Grandmaster level has any relevance at Super Patzer level?  I don't.