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Why are there few Caro-Kann players?

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    GoddessKirino wrote:

    I've recently heard alot of talk about the Caro-Kann bieng drawish and "boring".However in my opinion it doesn't give white any advantages early on and it also gives black a solid position and no "bad minor pieces" unlike other openings for black.
    So the question is this,why don't higher rated player go for this opening and instead play the sicilian if it gives black such a fine position?


    The modern carokann is very complex and tactical. To play it for winning chances black often has to accurately defend against kingside attacks which are very complicated and very difficult to play against top 2750-2850 GMs. Ding Liren used to regularly play the carokann until he experienced some extremely frustrating losses in positions where he wasn't worse according to engines, but holding it and finding the win was way too challenging. That is why he switched over to 1... e5 and a certain variation of the sicilian (if I remember right) that are much easier to play and take a lot less mental strain. Other guys like Jobava thrive in the insane carokann positions. In a recent game David Navara also recently drew Fabiano Caruana who is in the 2800s in the carokann. It was a pretty complex game.

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    I actually think the Carro-Kann having played it substantially now for at least more than a year may be slightly flawed. Though let me explain.


    You have E6 and you Have C6. coming upon the ensuing variation of play

    E4, D4, (Advance Variation, Exchange Variation (You), Exchange Variation (The other Player)


    "The Advance Variation"


    -The problem ensues immediately after E5, you press C5 and now you are playing the French Defense Advance Varation with one less Initiative.


    "The Exchange Variation (You)"


    -In the Exchange variation you lose the option of C5 immediately given you have already played C6. (Once again you are down upon Initiative) if you do.


    "The Exchange Variation (The other player)"


    -If they exchange then you find yourself with an E6, D5 Pawn chain Rather than an D5, C6 pawn chain giving the white bishop freedom to come out where as otherwise it would have the inability to truly be effective in the game.


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    It's true cause i don't like to.

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    Caro-Kann isn't to everyone's taste, it leads to a somewhat cramped position for black, and, unlike most French Defense variations, doesn't offer an immediate counter-play. It is my personal favorite response to 1. e4, and I even sometimes play 1. d4 c6, offering white a choice between playing against Caro and Slav. But this isn't the kind of opening you will see beginner / intermediate players choose frequently, you only start encounter it regularly at a somewhat advanced level.


    1...c5 and 1...e5 will probably always dominate as far as responses to 1. e4 go, these are the sharpest openings, offering black strong and easy to understand counter-attacking opportunities. They are also the most challenging moves, as far as the fight for the center goes (the only two moves immediately attacking the d4 square). 1...c6, 1...e6, 1...d6, 1...b6, 1...d5, 1...g6, 1...Nf6, etc. are likely to always be a bit behind in popularity, for various reasons.

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         I also found it boring to play the CK.

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    The problem with the CK at club level is that it does not set white enough questions, and gives them less chance to go wrong.  


    I notice this when I put my CK games on the chess.com analyser players of the white pieces, often quite weak ones can often go 20 moves without so much as a single innacuracy (according to stockfish analyser)  This is because he can play easy straight forward moves without being pressured by black.


    Better to play defences where white has to work harder and is faced with moore challenging choices

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    caro kan it is a monkey opening  and a solution of 1600 chess 'pentito' players. avoiding it at low levels of chess or ignoring it at high levels it is an art!


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