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Why not the Scotch?

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    For non chess pros, Scotch is preferable to RL. GP, 4K, VG and KG. Active play, easy to learn, tactical opportuniities and even endgame training are offered by the Scotch. I play it exclusively now against 1...e5.

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    so so rare 

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     I don't know but it seems to me that like every third or fourth game on this site somebody is playing the scotch if I move e5 as black on first move? Very common opening.

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    universityofpawns wrote:

     I don't know but it seems to me that like every third or fourth game on this site somebody is playing the scotch if I move e5 as black on first move? Very common opening.


    I agree, its dead for now I think..I use it for the basic opening then I try and see if I can get a Gambit going or just survive long enough to take advantage of blunders. If I am at my level and use the Scotch I guess it works if you can tweak it some, stay alert and find blunders. You have to play nearly flawless the first opening exchanges, watch your Queen and see if you can find a blunder. I was at 675 not too long ago and just used the Scotch so I guess its not horrible.

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    Scotch is an easy opening both for white and black which make it attractive to those who fear the vast amount of theory and complicated positional play of Ruy Lopez. 

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    If you are going to talk about the Ruy Lopez, why not talk about it here, on my RUY LOPEZ FORUM! Then get your sorry butt off of this one, @Stauntonmaster


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    There are some variations in Ruy Lopez which are easier for Black as well. However, Italian game, Evans Gambit and two and four knights defence are much fun to play and unlike Ruy Lopez the positions rarely become dull and tedious!

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    I often play the scotch. Gives me a sense of stability (in a way that I cannot explain).

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    Scotch is safe in the opening stage and the play becomes positional in the middlegame usually leading to equal endgame. That is why beginners like Scotch.

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    I hate the Scotch, because it is full of tactics and I feel very unstable there, especially against top engines.

    But then, why should black play the weak 1...e5 move instead of the much stronger 1...c5?

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    There are not many tactics in scotch game (e4 e5, Nf3 Nc6, d4 exd4, Nxd4) but there are some tactics in Scotch gambit (4.Bc4). Italian game and Evans gambits have more tactics in them than Scotch. Some lines of open Ruy Lopez and Marshall attack have good amount of tactics in them and surely more than Scotch game. If you are looking for lots of tactics in the opening play King’s gambit, Latvian and if you want a quiet game play Scotch game!!

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     In my school, @Stauntonmaster, this is called TAKE A BREAK!!

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    Can you, FOR JUST ONCE, please talk about the positives of the Scotch, instead of the NEGATIVES!!! We don't need pessimists here.

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    The Scotch would force e5 players to change openings. 

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    HorribleTomato wrote:

    On chess.com, I practically never see any Scotch players but me! Please put any scotch games, analyze it if you can. I can't see what's wrong? Maybe people didn't discover it, or is their something bad about it?

    scotch or scotch gambit?

    i play scotch gambit

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    good opening, but I think black can equalised the game easier than in the Spanish, thats the reason why top GM play the latter much more often.

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    It's all the same  if it has Scotch in it

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    Has anyone here seen that one trap call the Hop Scotch ? It's a horsey-based doozie.

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    scotch scotch scotch


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