Why the Grob is Severely Underrated: An Analysis





darkunorthodox88 wrote:


i certaintly woudnt try using 1.g4 to win a tournament, the idea of my opponent prepping some deep line agaisnt me would scare me too much and i just dont like the positions, but if someone knew my opponent was unprepared for it, and played with that risque style, i dont see anything wrong with it.


I'd say that if you're going to whip out 1.g4, there should be nothing about it that scares you. It should be an opening that you enjoy and have prepped extensively—like Basman.

I personally wouldn't play it, because I'm not a specialist in it. But if I'd spent years honing it, I'd certainly use it.


About winning in tournaments using that kind of opening:


It depends on many things. If your opponent is vastly above you in terms of strength, trying to create complications is maybe your only actual chance to win, and trying underrated openings which feature a lot of traps can work (is it even possible to prepare against everything), rather than going to some conventional game that the strong player knows more than you anyway, and where you'll get crushed boa-constrictor style.


The only two (blitzes in informal setting, I have to admit it) games I've won against titled players (including a GM!! he had a winning position but in the mess created he blundered and I had a mate in three) were like that. Openings were Berlin fishing pole (as black for me) and Halloween gambit (!!).


If I try some boring d4 or so, I'm going to be steamrolled and that's it (although I may learn something- provided the strong player is talkative. Fortunately they are often).


 It's good and funny opening for blitz and bullet games.


You guys are mad. Chess is about having fun and spending a good time, not getting angry in endless forum threads. Let's settle the debate:

Is the Grob weak? Definitely.

Is the Grob the weakest opening? Maybe, not sure.

Can the Grob surprise unfocused players in Blitz/Bullet? Probably.

Can you have fun playing the Grob? Definitely.


That's it. Now please go back playing chess and have fun