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Wrong footing 1...g6 players with 1b3!

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    Bxf6 is probably a lot better than this g4 stuff...

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    Ziggy_Zugzwang wrote:

    I'm happy to play Bxf6 . . . I'm happy as white to give up the bishop pair and to play against the doubled pawns...

    The problem with giving black the bishop pair in this line is that it makes his dark bishop very strong (it'll soon sit on an unchallenged a1-h8 diagonal, which white has weakened with his b3 move). It can also make the game quite comfortable for black.


     Still playable for white, yes. But black's got the easier position to work with.

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    You should play 1. b3 because you like playing 1. b3 and not for any psychological reason. Besides, how do you know if your opponent is a g6 player?
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    Because I have played him several times in the local league and find he plays 1...g6 on a chessbase database going back years grin.png


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