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Place bets here on the Chess.com Computer Chess Championship Tournament!

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    Does anyone want to place bets on the chess.com-computer-chess-championship?

    Currency is Bulldog dog biscuits:


    How it works:

    Gamblers each get 10 biscuits prior to the tournament.

    Players place bets on Top-2 winners. Two bets maximum allowed per player.


    1. Stockfish Pays 4-1
    2. Komodo Pays 5-1
    3. Houdini Pays 5-1
    4. Shredder Pays 15-1
    5. Fire Pays 20-1
    6. Fizbo Pays 20-1
    7. Andscacs Pays 25-1
    8. Chiron Pays 25-1
    9. Gull Pays 25-1
    10. Booot Pays 25-1

    Payoffs will be periodically adjusted once bets start coming in.

    The house starts with 200 biscuits (equal to 20 gamblers with 10 biscuits each). If the house goes broke it can take a loan (secret source of more biscuits).

    After the Top-2 winners is decided, winnings are paid out. Then there will be another round of betting on the Championship tournament winner. Gamblers with most biscuits at the end is Top Winner.

    I'll keep track of all players and their biscuit-accounts. Gambling is currently limited to the first 20 entrees. (May be increased later)

    Leave messages here to place your bets. Once a bet has been placed, it cannot be changed, even if the game odds are revised!!!



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    I bet on Houdini and Stockfish becoming the top 2 engines. And that Houdini will be the victorious one of the two.

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    I place Top 2 on Houdini and Stockfish (5 biscuits), with Stockfish winner of the final match (5 biscuits)

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    Two bets are in! See table below. Unless stated otherwise I'll assume bets for two engines are 5 biscuits each.


    Bets on the championship game can be placed after the Top 2 engines are known.

    Any other gamblers?happy.png


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    Top 2: Houdini and Komodo (5 each)

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    All engines provided. 1 biscuit each.

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    Sorry no.1,2. 5 each 

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    PRANTIKDAS wrote:

    All engines provided. 1 biscuit each....

    Sorry no.1,2. 5 each 


    All bets so far:


    Based on bets placed so far the odds have been revised. New payouts are here (new bets only).

    Stockfish (3-1)
    Komodo (4-1)
    Houdini (4-1)
    Shredder (35-1)
    Fire (45-1)
    Fizbo (45-1)
    Andscacs (45-1)
    Chiron (45-1)
    Gull (45-1)
    Booot (45-1)

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    Stockfish : 4 biscuits 

    Komodo : 6 biscuits 


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    More people entering casino and placing bets!happy.png


  • #12

    Fire and Fizbo. 6 and 4 respectively.

  • #13

    5 on Gull and 5 on Booot. Underdogs for the win!

  • #14

    SuperSam1 and Areliae are going for the big payouts!happy.png


  • #15

    stockfish 3, sherrder 5

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    Hi friedmelon, don't worry - your bet has been placed! You still have two biscuits in your pocket you can use for the Super-final game.happy.png


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    My bets are that top 2 will be Stockfish and Houdini, while Stockfish will be the final winner.

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    5 komodo, 5 stockfish


    I have to participate in this when I see a pikachu holding biscuits

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