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Swiss System pairing software for Mac OS X

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    I was looking unsuccessfully for something like Swiss System for Mac, a pairing software to run Swiss System USCF tournaments. I tried to run the demo version of Swiss System in Wine, but it failed with a bunch of error messages. Are there any TDs around here who use Macs to run their tournaments, and if so, what kind of software do you use?

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    I don't use a Mac but you might try WinTD. They have a version for OS X.

    Looks like they have a demo version you can try too.

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    Do you have any idea of a software that can allow me to pair players in a game? I have a hard time pairing players using the swish 7..

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    I haven't used it before, but you may want to try this:


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    I use Swips   https://www.swips.eu/

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    I would recommend SWIPS -  https://www.swips.eu/. It is free, online, mobile friendly and easy to use.


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