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Voting for FangBo to become a top blogger!

  • #41

    Listen to batgirl. You don't need to make a voting forum.

  • #42

    UM Chess.com kind of said in the email back to him "We need to make sure you already have the amount of people to see your posts if you become a top blogger"

  • #43

    Where are we at? 12?

  • #44

    I would still listen to batgirl...

  • #45

    The NM is smart.

  • #46

    I don't think this is going anywhere?

  • #47

    Not anymore was doing well at the start

  • #48

    listen to @batgirl

  • #49

    @batgirl if 1 million people vote that, then it would attract attention and maybe make the chess people notice something.

  • #50

    There's a system. Follow it, just as everyone else does.  It's simple and it works.

  • #51

    i know but why not do this it attracted your attention

  • #52

    and it show how many people WANT him to become a top blogger

  • #53

    listen to @batgirl

  • #54

    i can see the topic has changed. Why don't you make a separate forum about this?


  • #55

    and the whole thing comes crashing down...

  • #56


  • #57

    Then tell me the system batgirl


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