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Aronian versus Kramnik

  • #121

    aah...I missed this one due to business reasons...and knowing the result after is really no fun while playing through the finished game...looks like the usual Berlin stuff with a sure draw.With a point down, I expect K to press for the win in the next game with white.

  • #122

    for a fleeting moment today i thought he was going to play the Scotch! haha!

  • #123

    It looks like Aronian is better prepared than K for these games...maybe more motivated? Both Carlsen and Anand are surely following these games, for different reasons...not overly impressed with these games so far, but still early I guess.

  • #124

    Well K only plays with white on two more occations...so it looks like Tuesday will be do or die for him...Aronian only has to draw the rest to win this match. My prediction for Tuesday will be K surprises everyone with 1.e4 or the English...he has to get Aronian away from his preparations...

  • #125

    Crazy game to my inexperienced eyes.

    What are the moves for 15? Nb4, Nd4, or Qc3 (winning pawn and bishop if he takes the knight?).

    Does the queen move lose to Nd5?

  • #126

    I just woke up and I see that Aronian is missing a queen!? I must get some coffee to understand what's going onLaughing

  • #127

    Did he play it to next remove whites bishop and have an unchallenged bishop pair on a very open board?

  • #128

    This is a very interesting position at move 15! I'm glad I didn't sleep too late. Houdini evaluates the position as slightly favoring Kramnik, but it looks like a great game to followSmile

  • #129

    Probably proving why I'm not any good at chess, I like Aronian to win this game, even though Kramnik is up a pawn.

  • #130

    Wow! What a game this is! After 18 moves it's a R+Q for white vs a R+B+B+N for black!

  • #131

    With each player having to complete 18 moves in about 25min, this is going to get crazier than it already is!

  • #132

    Hopefully it doesn't end with a rediculous blunder in a time crunch.

  • #133

    Aronian down to six minutes...

  • #134

    Levon is failing in clock management, unbelievable!

  • #135

    Houdini is evaluating the position at move 42, as +7.13!

  • #136

    Wow! What a game! Kramnik wins and now the score is tied, 1.5- 1.5! Tomorrow is game four of this very exciting match, and Aronian has the white piecesSmile

  • #137

    that was alot better than the first two, really enjoyed it!

  • #138

    Frankly, I'm most impressed at Lev having the guts to give up his queen in a tough position. He really played that well until he got caught by the clock.

  • #139

    Just a quick reminder: Barcelona is playing Chelsea in the second game of the Champion's League semi-finals in a few minutes!Wink

  • #140

    Wow, I actually almost forgot that.  To think of all the excitement of BBC text updates I might have missed...


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