Best attacking gms

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    I like to attack attack attack because I have a short attention span, and I don't like to play long postionally sound chess. Who are the best attacking GMs I can study aside from Tal.

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    Kasparov wasn't bad, Alekhine. Morphy (although often against less than perfect defence).

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    Polgar, Judith and almost all female grandmasters. Very few female GM's are positional players.

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    thanks everybody for the suggestions

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Kasparov wasn't bad, 

    That made me laugh.


    Aside from the ones mentioned, you could also go for the 'lesser' Larry Christiansen.

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    Judgeing by your level on this sight (I'm down in the basement myself), you might as well go back and check out some the 19th century guys, like Anderssen and Morphy. Games from that period may be a little more accessable, ya' know..... pre-'hypermoder' stuff. Also, I can't believe the phrase "attacking GMs" is in the title here, and after  a whole eight posts, no one has mentioned Frank Marshall!

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