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Carlsen or Anand?

  • #1

    Who do you think will win in the 2013 Chess championship? Anand or Carlsen?

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    Anand. A fallen angel cannot defeat his own god.

  • #3

    One of those two, definitely.

  • #4

    It's hard to decide

  • #5

    I vote for Carlsen

  • #6

    Here are some small things to keep in mind when predicting the outcome of the match:


    I am a big fan of Magnus Carlsen and I think that if it was a several-player tournament like the candidates or Norway chess 2013, then Carlsen would have high chances of ranking above Anand.

    But Anand has more experience in match format and has already defended his title several times.

    So, a tough call. I just hope it will be fantastic games.

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