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Could Spassky have beaten Fischer?

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    He could have beaten Fischer by default if he stuck to his guns and didn't accept Fischer's terms for game 3. He won the first game, and won the second by forfeit. Also, up until that match he had beaten Fischer 3 times and had not lost to him yet. Therefore he would have earned his right to retain the title in my opinion. 

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    TetsuoShima wrote:

    varelse1 wrote:

    Spassky was a true champion. Arguably the best to ever hold the Title.

    Bobbys little lucky streak will never erase the engthly career of beautiful, attacking chess Boris gave the world.


    Lol Good one

    I feel like I have spotted a fischer fanboy.

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    JoeTheV wrote:

    Spassky should've won the 1972 match rather than Fischer, whose rude behavior about the cameras and conditions was quite ridiculous.  I like how Spassky was a good sport about it, but it still befuddles me why he would succumb to Fischer's laughable demands.

    Agreed. A long time after the match in an interview, Spassky says that made a psychological mistake in continuing the game.

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    TetsuoShima wrote:

    Man i Really wish i were just trolling, but im just dumb


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    I have a feeling that testuoshima has irritated every single one of us. He's such a fischer fanboy who can't even give an ounce of respect to Spassky or even Kasparov.

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    Fixing_A_Hole wrote:

    TetsuoShima is such a [email protected], can someone be any more obsessed with Fischer?  WOW....

    I know, right?

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    TetsuoShima wrote:

    Spassky wasn't the gentleman,

    The true Gentleman was Fischer

    Nice fantasy.

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Dude, if Fischer lost 12-0 you would say he deserved to win.

    So true.

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    It was shear luck Euwe was able to catch Fischer at the Rekjavik Airport before Bobby departed. One in a thousand, really. That was how close Fischer was to becoming an obscure footnote.

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    Spassky was a victim of the CIA electronic tricks. They hit him with mind altering waves that cause him to see imaginary postions on the board. How else can you explain a total collaspe of Spassky? Fischer was good, but not that good!

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    bigpoison wrote:
    varelse1 wrote:

    TetsuoShima wrote:

    They definetly should have Gives him a better grave, with view to ocean and not close to awall

    Fischer died alone, friendless and loved by nobody.

    He is lucky his grave is even marked.

    Come again?  Why is he lucky for having a tombstone?  He doesn't care.  Grave markers are for the living, not the dead.

    What an embarrsement Fischer was to the USA! After the CIA made him world Champion, he turned his back on his country! However, the USA let Fischer go on with with his life as long as he stayed out of the USA. The Japanese went after Bobby because he married a Japanese women and everyone knows when it comes to Country, they do not like those anyone who does not understand their position. How  ironic, Bobby could size up a chess position with a blick of an eye, but when it came to being a good citizen, he was a novice.

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    Spassky admired Fischer's play for a long time and when he finally got the chance to play a match against him, the last thing he wanted was for it to be called off, regardless of whether or not his title would be secured.  In fact, after Fischer forfeited match 2 Spassky wanted to replay the match anyway after which the Soviet chain of command told him, presumably, "Not a chance buddy, the US must lose this match."  Spassky felt guilty about having a free win for the rest of the game and it's been speculated that this is why he was playing a fraction of his best.  Something similar happened in the Korchnoi - Spassky match.  Before the match they were great friends but during the match there was an interpersonal conflict between the two that had a profound effect on Spassky's game.  It's a shame that Spassky let things like this get to him, but he did.

    But anyway, Fischer was so far ahead of everyone else that I doubt even without any kind of psychological edge Spassky had a chance.  I'm sure he would have put up a better fight without all the bullshit that occurred though.

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    anyone would have struggled to maintain confidence after Fischer destroyed Taimanov/Larsen/Petrosian the way he did.

    Spassky and Petrosian were pretty much equal over their careers...then Fischer destroyed Petrosian. That had to get into Spasskys head

    the cold war pressure surely worked against Spassky, who never seemed like too much of a commie flagwaver


    then there was the matter of a 100+ elo pt difference

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    It's ridiculous to suggest Spassky had no chance. He defeated the near unbeatable Iron Tigran for the title. Not to mention his having never lost to Fischer prior to that match. Bobby's antics played a large part in his loss i think. In retrospect he had every right to refuse to give in to playing in that back room. That being said, I do believe that Fischer was a greater player.

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    Had Spassky just gone home with the title, we would probably be calling Fischer the greatest player never to have won the title today.

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    Because he would undoubtedly have done something self destructive in the next candidates cycle.

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    Couldn't it be that Spassky had been bribed or something to play that passive against Fischer ? May be that was why he passed to French citizenship afterwards?

    A world champ of that calibre (see his games against Tal) and all-round aggressive style, does not attempt a single attacking move on games 3, 5 and 6 ??

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    If you think about the exaggerated importance that had been put on the match, about how cooperative Spassky was against Fischer's team, I still think it is of high probability that he was somehow persuaded to play "light" against Fischer.

    Remember that Spassky was a tscharist ( as he explains later) and was against Soviet regime himself, so he was no heavy patriot by then.


    Erratic behavior by Fischer before the match in Iceland could have helped to provide the necessary time for negotiations between the mentors and former champ.


    What also makes me think like this is Fischer literally escaped from defending his crown against Karpov.


    Although I much like Fischer's poetic, simple style of play, I also think there is still this possibility, as I know no world class top level player dropping that much in strength and changing his style completely within just 3 years as Spassky had been.


    Imagine had Fischer played the crown match against Tal or Botvinnik ( or even Petrossian), would the quality of games be that low ?


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    Spasky is no match for Fischer without those military muscle. Forced and pushed against the wall to learn and shine in chess. They use radioactivity or generation sweat of that mountain relieve. They(we) are strong but they are fake clowns of the power game.


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