Danny Rensch


Strange but mostly-totally true facts about IM Danny Rensch – 

-          Danny did not invent the blues, the guy he crushed on the board did.

-          Danny once played the King’s Gambit, since then it has been known as the Rensch Smack-Down

-          Before Danny Internationally Mastered Chess he had only mastered it in several rural counties and both North and South Dakota.

-          FIDE has officially banned the term “Ouch-Town” after Kasparov overheard him saying it when he beat him in a game.

-          The Death Match used on Chess.com was inspired by Danny’s actual Death Matches in the 1995 Documentary film – Mortal Kombat (Seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJabP7XzZ30 )

-          Not only has Danny mastered Chess but he is also Arizona’s Bobsledding champ and 3 time reigning cross country ski champ (this is mostly due to lack of snow and only Danny show up to the event – but hey in his words, “Still Counts Baby!”

-          Danny’s favorite band is – The Black Keys (This isn’t a joke just a great band)

-          Danny favorite drink is Scotch – or was that the opening – I’ve got it – Danny only plays the Scotch when he drinks it – which is fairly often.

-          Lastly, the song by DJ Khaled “All I do is Win” was written about Danny and is now on a constant play-loop on his iPod  during games. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtPluXq_hko ) This post is meant for fun - anyone else have any "Facts" about the Rensch-dog feel free to add them!




Forgot one - Danny briefly traveled to Italy and joined the Mob to learn the Sicilian. After figuring out that most mobsters #1 Do not play chess, and #2 Only play the Najdorf anyhow - he went back to the U.S. - Italian athorities are still looking for a guy named Ranny Densch - any information should be forwarded to the Italian Consolate.


Well I don't know a lot about this guy but his commentating skills are great.  And he has a personable voice.  Kinda like Joe Rogan of sorts. 


Danny has had the knight + bishop ending only once in his career. He managed to win --- with the lone king.


I heard Danny uses a modified Bongcloud opening


In the infamous Chuck Norris "Checkmate" photo, Danny was the one playing black and in fact the one stating "Checkmate." Despite having lost as white and before his first move, Chuck wasn't even mad.


can barely stand not getting my Thursday bullet brawl fix this week. Come back soon, Mr. Rensch.


LIVE Blitz Chess: "Bullet Brawls" | Part 44!


Dan inspired many of the chess related entries on urbandictionary.com.


So is this for ALL MEMBERS or just for GOLD MEMBERS (and above)?


That was a technical error on our part, mcris. Apologies! In the future Basic Members will be able to watch ChessTV, they will only be unable to chat.


You forgot one important detail ctt-Danny Rensch is hoping to oneday become a GM, but not just a regular GM, a special GM of oh...say the Leafs.

Disclaimer-I did not come up with this idea, but oh how I wish I had!