flouctuation in tactics trainer


for those of you who play tactics trainer frequently: what is your ave range (up and down, up and down etc)? i think mine is pretty wide as i commonly move 2 to 300 ( or more) points up and down the scale. and, i can go as far as 1650 to 1250 and back in the course of a couple of sessions. what say you?


1550ish to 1750ish.....it is frustrating! i want to keep improving but every time i go over 1700 i end up crashing down again 8-(...i dont tend to go out of that 200 point range though


Yeah, I've been up and down that 1300 to 1600 patzer highway so often I'm starting to recognize some of the problems.  I hit a losing streak, get stubborn and try to get my rating back and just end up losing another 100 points.  I honestly don't know whether I'm learning pattern recognition or just memorizing problems.  A constant source of both edification and humiliation.