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Grandmaster =a scientist: Does every grandmaster have a university degree?

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    Forgive me for my curiousity..I keep posting "stupid questions" about grandmasters..I am just fasionated by this "phenomenon".

    -Do they all have a university degree for example? Was there ever a grandmaster "from the streets", a true autodidact , maybe a garbage man who made it to toplevel? Or is being a grandmaster equal to being a scientist? 


    Or is it also a matter of talent, like a soccerplayer who is really skilled but he "just can't help it".  

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    I'm don't know about their education, but I'm pretty sure they can all fly likke Superman!

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    WhiteMajesty schreef:

    Why the fascination? They are just normal people. 

    Off course they are..just like Messi , or Micheal Jordan. I dont ask this becasue I am curious how they would solve the crisis in Syrie, but when you really get into something, I think it's normal to be fasinationed by major players and their achievements. Whether that would be chess, soccer or gardening.

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    Neither did Magnus Carlsen.

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    Lasker was a professor of Mathematics, and Alekhine had X - Ray vision. Hubner took a walk on the wild side, and Andersen never bathed.


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