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Greatest chess master in history

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    Yo Smyslovfan - great name by the way!wink.png Indeed, there is one opposite bishops ending in particular - from a correspondence game - that is exceptional. Also a game, against kasparian I think, that is given in the Kamalakanta post which features possible the most incredible move ever seen in an over the board ending. Reversing the compliment, Smyslov was one of the great endgame artists of all time. Huge fan!

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    this guy! tal 2.0


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    simaginfan wrote:

    You had to google him!? Hmm!!!

    My friend kamalakanta did a small post on him here. 


    Perhaps when I have the time to spare I will do a full appreciation on chess.com. What the article doesn't give is the fact that he was that in correspondence chess even world champions were in awe of him - if you can find them look for his c.c. wins against Rittner and Miliutin for example - and he was the second/trainer of choice at the peak of Soviet chess power. He did not play abroad for various political reasons, which contributes to his not being so well known in the west.

    Yeah, I don't recall seeing the name but that's not surprising since he didn't play abroad.


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