How do you behave after a game?


This thread is meant to be a fun one, but telling too!  Surprised

I often criticize myself for how I feel or react to my opponent after a loss.

I noticed that I almost never give trophies when I lose.  Just when I win.  lol.  I also find myself typing "ty" through clenched teeth and that's only if the opponent has bothered to say gg or something of the like.  Any info on their happiness is secretly unwelcome. 

I've run into a few opponents who were higher rated and still made very gracious comments when they lost...I admire that.  It's not that I get hateful when I lose...I just don't like the moment or anything about it.  My tummy tightens and I feel negative.  And if it's games in a row...ugh. 

How are you usually feeling after a game and do you express any of it to the opponent?  Any patterns in your behavior?


In blitz/bullet, it depends on how the game ended. If my opponent totally outplays me, I say "gg" or "well played" and get on with it. If I continually get totally outplayed, well then what am I doing, right? If I lose in a mad time scramble at the end or something else, I just get on with the next game. Or if I lose because I blunder something in the middlegame, same thing. I don't just say "well played" just because I lost, I only say it if I mean it.

In turn-based chess, it depends on a lot of things. What's my mood right then? How social was the game? Were we chatting about anything like when you learned to play, how difficult is it to find good games IRL, or whatnot. Did they disable chat? Was it just a tournament game where neither party picked the opponent? Did my opponent play "perfectly" in my opinion?

Is the phone ringing?

All sorts of stuff can go into the final formula.


When I win I have a full routine consisting of a 45 second victory dance and another 15 seconds of blowing kisses to an imaginary crowd of admirers.  I once even spiked my laptop, but only the once.

When I lose I still spike my laptop, plus I begin to collect as many reasons as I can find that it couldn't possibly have been my fault.


I have a smoke.


Despondent... most of the times...



I weep like a baby.


I move on to the next game.


If I lose and i feel like my opponent played really well I'll throw a sincere "well played" their way.  If I lost because I blundered i usually just close the window in disgust.  

If I win I'll sometimes put in a gg if It seems like my opponent played well enough that they aren't too despondent at the loss, or to respond to their gg but otherwise I don't say anything.   It seems like its too hard to say something that doesn't come across as patronizing or insulting to the other player.


On the other hand if the opponent either during or after the game throws insults my way i find myself becoming hostile and either close the chat or give a snide remark on winning, or drag out the loss if I am losing. 


Nothing special. Handshake; sometimes a bit of analysis after the game.

Online I rarely chat during blitz, this "gg" stuff originates from poker, I think Smile


lmao i don't know if you remember that show Family Ties with Michael J. Fox's character who would flip the board right before the checkmate ... I thought that was so funny.  I won't lie, losing at chess hurts it hurts bad .... doesn't matter to who ... but I don't resent the other player at all.  I admire their ability.


Also known as the Tipitover Variation.

Atos wrote:

I have a smoke.

Only after mating someone?

I hate making someone else feel bad for losing which is what usually happened here in my former incarnations so I don't play much Wink. The last guy had to go to the hospital after a draw (really)


When I lost I usually say thanks and sometimes 'well played' when it was really good. When during a game he makes a good move. Nice fork for example then I say well done during that game. 


Losing is always unpleasant and I guess most of us feel a bit depressed, but it is, after all, a competition and you should give the winner his due. So I always send either a trophy or a message of congratulations.


OTB I like to stand on the table and gloriously urinate on my opponent.

[EDIT: no matter the outcome]


If I win a game, I hoot and hollar like a monkey and eat a banana.

If I lose a game, I hoot and hollar like a monkey and throw a banana.

If I draw a game, I say thank you for the great challenge and eat an apple.


Perform an exorcism.


hehe, this is a lot of fun reading. 

Flowers, I barely remember anything on Family Ties...I'm surprised you do. That sounds hilarious. 

Grobe, thanks for the link.  haha.

I agree that handling it nicely and politely is the best way to go.  I think I'm getting better with time...maybe. 

TheGrobe wrote:

When I win I have a full routine consisting of a 45 second victory dance and another 15 seconds of blowing kisses to an imaginary crowd of admirers.


I do stuff like that but mostly just trash talk...and..."how ya like that" sort of comments to the opponent.  I'm going to try blowing kisses to the imaginary crowd next time.  It's very much in line with my current style of celebration.