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How To Use ChessMaster?

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    Just purchased ChessMaster The ARt of Learning. It will arrive by mail on Saturday. How do you go about becoming a better chess palyer with it? Any tips would be appreciated. Also, how do you set up a position to play against the computer?

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    Wait until you get the program and come back with unanswered questions. It's pretty self-explanatory.

    It's lots of fun to play rated games against the various "personalities" and see if you can get your own rating up. I have it, and use it for that.

    But I have to point out that you're a diamond member. There's about 1000X more material and educational value on this site for diamond members than there is in Chessmaster. If you want to become a better player, use the resources right here.

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    just play around with it and see what content interests you.  game analysis and mate searches you'll do through training mode - just paste the pgn and select game analysis or mate search from the mentor menu. position setup is accessed from the main menu - after you set up the position you can set the opponents for both black and white. You can just use the board to move both black and white peices around or you can play as one side against the computer or have the computer play against itself. just explore the game and if you have any specific questions make sure you come back and ask

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    thanks guys..I cant wait

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    And here's a hint I hope you don't have to use.  When CM locks up (and for my last 3 computers, that's about 2or 3 times a week), it's "the King" that needs attention.  You'll need to shut down CM, start Task Manager (control,alternate,delete-the fabled 3 finger computer salute) scroll down the list of running processes, and then manualy delete "The King".  Rebooting obviously works too, but this is faster and easier.  

    If you like playing white against the Sicilian, try playing "Slick".  He always answers e4 with c5.  Fun program.  Enjoy...


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