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Petrosian vs the Elite

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    my dad has brought a great chess book about the games of Petrosian ive started reading it and going through hes games and career he was world champ for 6years and won so many world class tournaments. this is a player that i would not of notice but im glad i know him now he was a great player and the book is great reading thanks Tigran.

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    you have a great dad, and i 'm so happy you like the chess books he gets you. you're so keen i'm pretty envious!

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    If it's Petrosians life and games I've just read it myself, Petrosian lived a rather hard life, and the annotations really help make his games come to life. A great book.

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    Also teach me when u learn it.

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    Peter Leko almost has as many draws, if it wheren't for the fact that he loses alot more than Petrosian.

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    u have a great dad...be proud of it....and u can like ur dad did....


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