Preggo loses out to Karjakin by 3 months


Jewish sounds like juice, heh, clever.

Fischer liked apple juice (and that's not a joke, that was his thing like Carlsen's OJ).


Didn't know about Fischer and AJ!  Is AJ even a term? 

Preggo_Basashi wrote:

Yeah, when Fischer did it that was really amazing. There were no Russian coaches on skype. He had to teach himself Russian just to read their books, and all the best players and tournaments were on a different continent.

Fischer really just came out of nowhere, there were a couple of world class US players (such as Reshevsky and before him Marshall and others), but I've heard his rise compared to Carlsen coming out of Norway, which at the time didn't really have any significant chess culture.


For additional context the youngest GM in history before Fischer was Spassky at 18, and before Spassky it was Petrosian at 23.


23 sounds geriatric these days ...

Preggo_Basashi wrote:

IIRC Anand was 18 before he got his GM title.

This was pretty common way back in the dark ages e.g. the 1980s



Preggo is da wae


What? preggo and max are gone? What is happening here? darthion, wanmokevan, too?