Tata Steel 2012


I just read the list of participants in GM group A of Tata steel 2012, it's played from 13-29th January. It's amazing, the strongest group ever to play in Wijk aan Zee. I live a 10 minute drive from there, so I'll certainly be there:

Carlsen 2823, Aronian 2806, Karjakin 2775, Topalov(!) 2768, Ivanchuk 2765, Gashimov 2756, Kamsky 2756, Nakamura 2753, Radjabov 2752, Gelfand 2746, Giri 2722, Caruana 2712, Navara 2705, van Wely 2689

I'm very curious about how Topalov will perform. I hope there will be many interesting games, but I'm sure there will. 

What's your thought on this tournament, guys?



I think that Nakamura and Kamsky are going to be nasty contenders this year. Ivanchuk is always a wild-card hes probably out for revenge against Carlsen. Topalov is likely out of shape.


Too bad Kramnik, Svidler, Grischuk, Polgar and Anand aren't playing.

Carlsen will, of course, be favored, but I'll say it will be Aronian tying for first with Ivanchuk.

But, I'd like to see Fabiano Caruana win it!


   Just put a blog up about this a few minutes ago. It's going to be an awesome tournament from top to bottom.  Cool