Who are they really ? John S. Hilbert & R.N. Coles


2 authors who I havent been able to find anything that speaks of there own chess strength yet they write books giving there own annotations and such but I have no idea what ratings/title s they have etc... Anyone know ?


what books did they write?


Well... No ratings, no titles! But...What chess lovers!

the perfect example of one evidence: for writing wonderful chess books  is not accurate, or at least it was not,  to be G.M.
Some books of  Richard Nevile Cole are  marvelous of clarity of analysis and hard work on the board, despite being  Coles just  Club
Player. Perhaps first-class player, maybe today, from 2000 to 2100.

Is books mixed sensibly verbal comments  with targeted analysis without the masssacre of trees and trees of possibilities like idiotics books of today.

About Coles:

Richard Nevil Coles was born on 10th August 190T at Kingston-on-Thames, the eldest of four sons of a civil servant.  He was educated at Gate House School, Kingston. Russell School and Trinity College Cambridge, where he obtained a B.A. in Classics. After leaving University, he took un employment with Sun Life of Canada as an actuary, and played for the Insurance e Chess Club from 1930.


In 1940 he enlisted in the Queen's Royal Regiment, later converted to the 99th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. He was commissioned, serving in Britain until 1942 and thereafter in Bombay, Israel and Egypt. After obtaining his discharge at the end of the war he returned to Sun Life of Canada as an agent.



It was in January 1944 that he had begun in the British Chess Magazine a series of monthly articles "One Hundred Years Ago , which ran for no fewer than thirty-seven years. During these next decades Nevil Coles also produced a number of outstanding chess books, beginning with Battles Royal of the Chessboard (1948). Having become a specialist in chess biography, he brought out studies of H.E. Atkins (1952) Mir Sultan Khan (1965 with an enlarged edition in 1977) and Howard Staunton (1975). this last work being written in collaboration with Raymond Keene. He also contributed the chapter on Staunton for World Chess Champions (l98l). During his last years he published a number of biographical articles in   British Chess Magazine: on Burn (1977 and 1978) Rubinstein (I960), Schlechter (1980), Maroczy (1981) and Colle (1981),



However, it is generally acknowledged that R.H. Coles' finest work was Dynamic Chess (1956, with a revised and expanded German version in 1963), This is a most profound, vet clearly written, expose of the development of chess strafes from the Classical School, through the Hypermodern Revolution to the Dynamic Ere., and it received the highest plaudits from connoisseurs of chess literature.


R,N. Coles died on 2nd April 1982, at the age of seventy- four, as the result of a domestic accident. His favourite journal, the British Chess Magazine, paid him a worthy tribute in its August 1982 edition with the publication of a fine appreciation and memoir by his colleague Raymond Keene. "

                                                                             Amos Burn, The Quiet Chessmaster

John Hilbert ?
One of the best writers of world chess, and a historian of our game great class!




Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if Battles Royal of the Chessboard and Epic Battles of the Chessboard (both by R.N. Coles) are in fact the same book or substantially the same (e.g., containing many duplicate games)? Or are these two works quite different game collections? Thanks.



Yes...the two books containing many duplicate games! But see with your eyes and compare...and judge.


Okay, and now:
Batlles Royal of the Chessboard
And...Dynamic Chess
And for finish... Some comments about these books on Amazon are so poor, so ignorant of chess, almost brushing the stupid, that make me want to laugh!
The Canadian GM Kevin Spraggett dear the books of  Coles! And Yes, they are truly great books! They deserve a 
modern reprint with algebraic notation? No doubts!

Hi Chess Friends,

does any of you have the book "Mir Sultan Khan" by Richard Nevil Coles?
I am looking for an owner of the hardcover edition.

I would like to know if the hardcover edition was published with a dust jacket.

many thanks for help!