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who do you think is the best chess player of all time?

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    i personally think Tal is a genius

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    Bobby Fischer was, by far

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    i agree with captain nightmare. Kasparov

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    but seriously. UC is the best in the world.

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    Kasparov lived in an era with computers, but in Fischer's time there were no computers. Yet, Fischer still showed great talent and amazing calculation and memory. This is why he is the greatest chess player, not Kasparov

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    I like Alekhine's style

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    His move were ingenious and radical, if not always correct

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    Nice picture, Bobby Fischer really was the best

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    He is under construction in my new thread!

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    LongIslandMark escribió:

    Capablanca since I can pretend we are very distantly related - plus he was great.

    Huh? Why, Mark?

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    I always liked Alekhine

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    Ask ten people, get eleven answers... not a good question, cannot be answered objectively.

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    Paul Morphy: He trounced convincingly the best & brightest of his time.

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    Could be possible, then. By the way, we are sharing surname.

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    Surely Kasparov-he has achieved unachievable for others to this day.

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    Dunno bout the best but the worst were US players. They either went dingbat crazy or else posted stupid topics titled "who is the best?" incessantly.

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    Bobby Ficsher

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