why did Kasparov retire?

Why did he retire I want answers

mainly because he wanted a WCC match with either Kramnik or ruslan ponomariov (ruslan was the FIDE WCC). and FIDE didn't let him. 

I recon if he continued and didn't stop he would today be the strength of Anand optimistically and Gelfand pessimistically 

Because he couldn’t deal with not being able to be the best player in the world and that day was fast approaching.

He wanted to devote himself to politics and writing, and I think it was just impossible for someone like Kasparov to play chess halfheartedly. He wanted to either dedicate himself 100% to chess or not do it at all (at least on a serious level), and when he just wasn't interested in the 100% thing it was an easy decision to quit.


He had achieved everything he wanted to in chess. His dominance in his time is unquestionable. The last title he had never won was the Russian championship, which he placed sole 1st shortly before his retirement (I say shortly, perhaps someone could provide the date). As already said, he devoted himself to politics because he had something he believed strongly in. He tried to run for president and had a fair amount of support but was kept out of the election by political means IIRC.


He was sleepy.

batgirl wrote:

He was sleepy.



man he is returning . In September he is going to play a official 960 tournament


He would rather be hit by a board than play on one.


He explained that his (tremendous) nervous energy peaked at age 27. So there was no point to trying to hold the title forever, as someone said. He had already achieved and chose to try something else, to see if he could make a difference politically.


Then somebody walloped him over the head with a board.

OH okay then

He lost to Deep Blue


When he lost his title to Kramnik, it seemed like he sort of faded out. That was the first big time championship match I watched and I must have missed the glory years. For the average person, they have probably heard of Kasparov and know he's the guy that played the computer that time. Looking forward to seeing his skills in the chess960 tournament Sept. 11.  His expressions when he is confused or blunders are the best...lol. 



Wow, to have the first K match you saw be that dreary mess against Kramnik...eek!


Kasparov is back once again, guys!! Make your predictions here tongue.png



Kasparov is a busy man. I follow his twitter, he often has something interesting to say.


He was sleepy. I love it.