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Youngest Player in History to beat GM in classical tournament game

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    Awonder Liang - 9 years, 3 months, 20 days beat GM Larry Kaufman this weekend.

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    Kaufman was awarded the GM title by winning the World Senior Open rather than by the traditional route of earning three GM norms in tournaments and a rating over 2500.  But he is still a GM and an outstanding player and openings expert.

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    What an outstanding performance for a 9 y.o.

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    That was a great game! Thanks for posting it!

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    Wonderful story. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing it (and the game).

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    Why not take the pawn on b2? 20 ... Qb2?

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    What's the kid's rating?

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    Awonder Liang - which country?

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    From USA

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    USCF rating is 2115. 

    Not bad.

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    andrewfedosov wrote:

    18. ... Bxe5! gave the white no chances. Very strange game for a grandmaster...

    what am I missing 18...Bxe5 19 NxBe5 and it is at least complex.  19...RxNe5 20 Qd1+ etc.

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    FM Liang won the World Under 8 title in 2011...

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    I believe he finished 6th in the World Under 10s in 2012.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    Awonder's brother is named Adream.

    or Whoskissinghernow

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    You know, thiswas posted six months ago.

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    Awonder has a chance to also become the youngest USCF Master in history. Right now he is only 11 rating points short. I believe he will be playing this weekend in St. Louis. With a good tournament he could break that record as well.

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    Very close now.  Win over NM Eric Santarius in round 4 didn't hurt him.

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    Awonder is five points short and will be playing this Saturday at the State Action Championships in Fitchburg.

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    Am I correct in hearing he has made NM?

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