Bollwerk 178



Bollwerk 178 is a chesslike complex strategy game for two players.

Each player has 20 spectacular pieces and 25 supplementary stones at their disposal. The game is played on a board with 178 squares. The game board is in a constant state of change due to the supplementary stones.

The goal of the game is, occupying the opponent’s end field with a piece or a bomb. Whoever captures all his opponent’s pieces or immobilizes their opponent also wins.

Due to its complexity, the game is hardly predictable for humans, so that intuition, alert senses and strategic skills are required!

Over 2000 moves are available for just the first move, so that opening theory plays no role at Bollwerk 178.

Our Kickstarter campaign is planned for the end of November 2020.

Please check out the pitch video.

The website is coming soon.

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The Guards (10 per player)The Guard. Each player has 10 Guards.


The starting position. Additionally each player has 25 supplementary stones at their disposal. 



Unless you're willing to share complete details of the rules and expect any thoughts or feedback, this post is nothing but a commercial. For now, good luck with the project.


Website with the rules coming next week.


Website is online.

For detailed movement of the pieces and the game rules, please visit our website

I´m ready for feedback.


It looks good. I'm very curious where this is going.


No further opinions?

A single remaining piece can take the victory over an entire opposing team, so that theoretically 19 pieces can be sacrificed. That's a very exciting point


I was checking the description for the Spy and read this:

"When capturing, however, the spy may previously have only jumped over his own pieces or only over supplementary stones. It is also possible to jump right over the opponent."

This is an example of a description that raises questions here and there.

It's a lot of pieces and rules and a substantial reading time, and potentially ambiguities need fixed in more places.

I'm mainly going through it to check what ideas it has that are really new to the world of chess variants.


Thank you for your comment.

The Spy can jump over own pieces, arrows and opponent pieces. He can move like that. When the Spy jump first over an own piece, then over an arrow he can´t capturing then the opponent piece by jumping over it. Only move like that.

The Spy can jump over a lot of own pieces, then capturing an opponent piece, by jumping over it. Or the Spy jump over an arrow (or more arrows), then capturing an opponent piece. Or the Spy jump directly over an opponent piece and capturing it.

Here are all move options for the Spy market with a point. The Spy can capture the Chancellor and the Guard, but not the Queen.
Is it more clear now?


And still with the third option. The Marshal can also be captured.


Is anyone interested in Bollwerk 178 puzzles?

Or does anyone want to make a move with white in this thread?