12x12 with new pieces


Black font=white pieces
red font=black pieces
New pieces explained:
P,N,B,R,Q,K = regular chess pieces
This has: for each side: 4 rooks, 4 knights, 4 bishops, 2 queens, 12 pawns, 1 king.
The new pieces:
SQ=Superqueen (1 for each side) Combines the moves of the queen and knight.
E=Elephant (2 for each side) Combines the moves of the rook and knight.
H=Hawk (2 for each side) Combines the moves of the bishop and knight.
RT=Rook-in-Training (2 for each side) Like a rook but can only move to same color squares as the one it is on. Cannot jump over ther pieces.
HE=Half-Elephant (2 for each side) Can move like a knight but also can move 3 spaces along a file or rank Can jump over pieces with its new move too.
The rook-in-training's possible squares: The rook is the rook-in-training and the bishops are the squares it can move to.
The half-elephant's possible squares: The knight is the half-elephant and the pawns are the squares it can move to.

The top diagram is for the half-elephant and the bottom one is for the rook-in-training.


Have you any idea how you'd design these new pieces?


Most of them are taken from an old thread. I designed one of them (the half-elephant


How much are the new pieces worth?


The RT seems like a really weak piece. It can only travel to a quarter of the squares on the board.


The Long range pieces would gain value relative to short ranged pieces in this variant because the board is bigger.


The elephant and the hawk were first designed by Capablanca. The superqueen and RT are from an old thread. I made up the half-elephant though.

The_5th_Beatle wrote:

How much are the new pieces worth?

pawn=1 knight=3 bishop=4 rook=6 queen=11 Rook-in-Training=2.5 Half-Elephant 4.5 Hawk=8 Elephant=10 Superqueen=15

I made the long-range pieces more valuable, and for the hawk, elephant, SQ and queen it is the combined value of the pieces that it can move like +1.


To fit the RTs, the board should be coloured with 4 different colours.

The normally black squares could be coloured brown and black depending on the row number's parity, and the same goes for the white squares with, say, white and yellow. Then each RT controls a different colour.


Two questions:  What is the name of this game?  And two, can it be fused with chess boxing, or even chess cage fighting?  Like, what about "Half Elephant Chess Cage Fighting!"


Normally (on 8x8 or 10x8) a Hawk is about equally valuable as an Elephant, and I see no reason why on 12x12 it should be different: both have the Knight component, which does not benefit from board size. (That a Queen gains more value I have no difficulty believing.) So it seems the piece values you give are a bit off. The RT also seems worth at most 1.5. K+2RT vs K is a dead draw, while K+2P vs K almost always would be a trivial win.

Note that these pieces were NOT invented by Capablanca, but about 300 years before by Pietro Carrera (who called them Centaur and Champion).

When I saw the title, I thought this would be a posting about Chu Shogi (over 600 years old!):

Note that the Japanese in general dislike Knight moves, and prefer to use compounds of King and Rook, Bishop. (The piece symbols used are not unlike something that was proposed in this forum for Chess, some time ago.)


The new game:

(Probably it would be more apt to use unicorns in stead of nightriders for the half-elephants, but at this board size XBoard did not support those. Of course it would also be possible to simply use the elephants there, and use the Capablanca names and symbols for the R+N and B+N compounds.)


How does castling work? Can a rook-in-training castle with the king?


That is a crazy interesting idea. The concept sounds really strategic. Couple of questions though; how exactly would a trainer rook check the king if it can? Also, would a trainer rook be able to capture a piece in its way if it were on the opposite color of the trainer rook?


Castling: The King moves 4 sqaures (all the squares have to be clear) with the rook on the kingside (same rank as him) or on the queensde)


i call a super queen awonms


also priness


I am going to change the RT's to king+bishop combinations. These will be called Switching Bishops (SBs)


Oops, wrong image. Here is the right image: