3D chess Raumschach, what's next?


Have you played some form of 3 demensional, volume chess?  What was it like.  What was messed up about it that the whole world isn't playing it now?  We have the technology.

I'm working on a 6x6x6 variant that, in my opinion, has better ratios, and realities compared to the raumschach 5x5x5 version, but in many respects is the same extrapolation of chess into a cubic volume.  I have yet to really play a full game of either version.  Right now I am focusing on discovering the most basic forcable Check-mates. 

3D chess...think about it.  I'm trying to solve the question of, can you force a CM with a K and Q vs K?


Something like this?



I guess so.  I think you can force mate with a king and a queen.  But I haven't quite proved it completely yet.  When Kings have 26 escape cubicals it's hard to force him to the edge.  2 pieces pushing on 3 axis.  I just think it will be easier to learn with halographic effects.  I'm burnt out on plexiglass fabrication at the moment.


I've played classic Raumschach, but didn't enjoy it.  It was just too mind-boggling for me.

I liked Dragon Chess, another type of 3D chess, better.  Although you have to learn the movement of many more pieces, the fact that there are only three levels made the whole thing much more comprehensible. 


Thank You for the link.


My 3D chess set, I also penned my own rule set, this rule set is compatable with all levels of three dimensional multilevel chess games, and it makes it easy to force a mate with just a King and a Queen.


I have played a whole game a while back.  I lost.  6 boards on a long table.  Seems good but there are variables to consider.


What's next?  Here's my offering -- http://www.Yavoch.com

The rules have been tweaked to make more sense in 3D, and updated to a space battle game rather than a medieval kerfuffle. The movements of the pieces and the number and type of peices are keps as close to conventional chess as possible, but some deeper changes were made in order to keep the game manageable.

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Gentlemen! Remember that you can play 4x4x4 3D chess on the standard 8x8 chess board.


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Whoa. Cool. How long did it take you to design that brah?

The Greatest Puzzle of Chess! Can at least two homines sapientes (GM) to play 4x4x4 Raumschach? Or can they play only Ping Pong and lotto? We just know that aliens were playing it long B.C.

Yes you can check mate a king in a king and queen endgame