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    It would be the COOLEST thing if chess.com had bughouse chess.  When your at home, and you want to play chess and have some fun, bughouse chess can be soooooo much fun.  I wonder how many people would like this feature? 

    Thoughts anyone?


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    I love bughouse

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    hallo1 wrote:

    I love bughouse

    yeah me too !!!

    it would be awesome if chess.com had bughouse

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    That would be great, if it doesn't lag.

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    That would be cool!

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    me too

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    yo no lie chess.com needs to make a bughouse forum its getting boring

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    thats right

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    Back in highschool I played a version of chess called Madhouse, so I wondered if this variant was the same. As it turns out, the rules are exactly the same aside from a single difference; In the version of Madhouse that I played, the king was not only subject to mate, but capture as well. If one places his opponent in to check, and the opponent does not notice, he could capture the opponent king on the following move, ending the game. Likewise, if one made the normally illegal play of breaking a pin on his king, or moving his king to a square that is under attack, the game could end there as well. I LOVE Madhouse... or Bughouse... or whatever the preferred name is... it's AWESOME!

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    When I was in high school, some of my friends called this variant "double-speed chess."

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    I wish they would add bughouse.
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    Should be totally EPIC!!!

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    hey, do u peeps like chocolate bunnies?

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    I would love BugHouse Chess on Chess.com! It would be a great addition to the site and it would be lots of fun! But even if Chess.com did like the idea, it would probably take a few weeks, maybe a few months, since they are now redesigning the site, so it has a more modern look and they are making a new solution to the aborting problem on Chess.com. I even suggested BugHouse Chess, but Chess.com hasn't responded to my forum about it or my e-mail I sent. Here is the link to the forum about BugHouse if you want to look at it:


    I had less posts in that forum, though, for some reason, probably because it was in a less popular forum section.


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    Fics has bughouse

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    100% Agreement!!!


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