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Bulldog Chess - Cat & Mouse - Fly-Eagles-Fly vs captaintugwash

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     Actually I found a move for you but it's not pretty for you.

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    That wasn't it. You had to move your rook, give your king an escape, but it costs you the knight and a few moves later a rook when I promote a pawn.

    33... Cg4


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    Resign. Good game.

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    Thank you, obviously I'm lucky to win after losing my queen but the cat and mouse working together are very strong.


    gg and thanks again for playing my cat and mouse game.

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     If instead 33. Rd1, which is probably the best square for it (protected by queen, not x-rayed by bishop), we might reach this position (assuming what I think is best play for both)...


    I'd rather be black, I feel comfortable against the queen with such dangerous pawns. If you give up the queen for my cat and mouse, I have what looks like an easy endgame, so this looks routine unless you can muster up a counter attack.

    So while you had a way to dodge checkmate, it will be uncomfortable even without having to give up the rook when my pawn promotes.


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