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Chess on an Infinite Plane (HorribleTomato - captaintugwash)

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    1. That's why they are called guards

    2. Q+C= This mate R=C

    3. 1 guard stays in front (3,2) prevents sneak attacks like yours, another stays close to king

    4. 1. Hawk. Move. Always. Kingside.

    5. This is probably the first game to reach over 400 posts... lol...


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    Felt like 400 moves

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    The guard is special because, other than the king and the queen, it is the only piece in infinite that attacks all the squares directly adjacent to it. Very few pieces in the whole variant world do this: elite-guard from Waterloo, elephant from musketeer, the Amazon. But it does move kind of slow.
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    captaintugwash wrote:

    Felt like 400 moves

    Well than I survived tugwash for 400 moves!

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    I am bad. The cannon also attacks all squares that surround it.
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    I'm lazy. I wouldn't bother looking for these pieces.

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    I can't believe this game ended at post #382, and the discussion has continued for at least 20 more comments. It reminds me of a book where the main character dies, and then the book goes on for five more chapters.tongue.png

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    It was an amazing game. Tug was seriously harassed by Tomato, but once Tug gets free, a well placed queen and chancellor quickly delivered checkmate on White. Tug summarized it best by this:

    "...amusing that tomato gave me the runaround with the queen and the chancellor for what felt like an eternity, while I took two moves. Of course I had much more defense."

    Here are medals for both Tug and Tomato:happy.png



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