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Chess on an Infinite Plane, Semi-final game (friedmelon - vickalan)

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    Waterloo is played on a 10x10 board, with plenty of extra chess pieces added. See here for example.

    Do you (or anyone) want to play @PixelByPixel in Chess on an Infinite Plane? We need someone who can play a move about once a day (3 days max per move).happy.png

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    Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

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    Is there a chess game variant with a looping board? Where A1 is next to H1, A8, and H8 diagonally?

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    I think there are some variants that have a board that "loops" or "wraps" from one edge to the other.

    @togepi2468 also made a piece (the "ball") where only the ball wraps off one edge and rolls back onto the opposite edge. It could even roll backwards, and attack pieces right away by going backwards (but would then get captured). The game was started, but unfortunately not finished.frustrated.png

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    Much more than 24 hours have passed since the 1-day warning, so @friedmelon is a no-show. I get the win, and will be advancing to the Championship game! Details will be posted (here) soon.happy.png

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    I don't think the guard and rook were compensation for the chancellor and pawn, but it's hard to say really.


    I think vick was ahead here, but it's a shame it timed out.

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    Friedmelon has good activity for the two-point deficit, but I get the feeling vickalan would have held him off.
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    18. Gx(1,2) and white is better.

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    Much better.

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    You can see I told him to do that... which was against the rules. I would punish my younger self if I could.

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